What's new in Aspose.Words for .NET

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This page describes the most interesting new Aspose.Words features introduced in recent releases.

Aspose.Words for .NET 24.5, 24.6


.NET 7.0/8.0 assemblies have been included in the Aspose.Words NuGet package.

Rendering and Printing

Changes in Charts, Shapes and DrawingML 24.5

  • DrawingML effects rendering for SVG graphics, extending previous functionality limited to images, has been implemented.
  • Support for creating combo charts and adjusting properties such as gap width, overlap, and bubble scale within series groups has been introduced by adding the ChartSeriesGroup and ChartSeriesGroupCollection classes and the SeriesGroups property.
  • Functionality to manipulate the SoftEdge effect of shapes has been implemented by adding the SoftEdgeFormat class.
  • The ability to modify adjust values of shapes has been implemented by adding the AdjustmentCollection and Adjustment public classes and Adjustments property.

Changes in Charts, Shapes and Drawing 24.6

  • Charting capabilities have been enhanced. You can now create a wider variety of charts, including Treemaps, Sunbursts, Histograms, Pareto charts, Box & Whisker charts, Waterfalls, and Funnels. This allows you to visualize your data in a more diverse and informative way.
  • Color control for shadow formatting has been improved. You can gain more precise control over the appearance of your documents by accessing shadow colors.
  • Performance boost for background rendering has been improved. You can significantly speed up the rendering of backgrounds containing small elements thanks to native tiling technology.
  • Realistic gradients for shapes have been added. You can now create DML shapes with non-linear gradients, mimicking the visual style of Microsoft Word for a more polished look.

Search and Compare

Advanced Comparison Options 24.6

The ability to streamline data analysis workflows with improved comparison functionality has been added. This includes a new IgnoreStoreItemId option and a redesigned interface for advanced comparisons.


  • The function to eliminate empty pages from a document has been implemented by adding the RemoveBlankPages method. 24.5
  • The ability to check for the presence of VBA macros without loading a document has been provided by adding the HasMacros property. 24.5
  • Keeping source numbering while inserting a document using the LINQ Reporting Engine is now supported. 24.5
  • A new DateTimeUtc property has been added – this provides a more precise timestamp for comments, improving organization and traceability. 24.6
  • The LINQ Reporting Engine has been improved. Selective removal of empty paragraphs and definition of custom messages for missing object members have been made, leading to cleaner and more informative reports. 24.6

Aspose.Words for .NET 24.1, 24.2, 24.3, 24.4

Aspose.Words 24.1 improves the experience around managing stroke colors, enhances OLE objects and LINQ reporting, as well as introduces a new Bibliography Sources public API.

Aspose.Words 24.2 expanded Charts API, style management, and LINQ options. This version of Aspose.Words also introduced the capability to specify SvgSaveOptions during rendering, more flexible control loading Markdown files, and working with reference text for footnotes and endnotes.

Aspose.Words 24.3 introduces a new TIFF Reader/Writer and Emulation of binary raster operations for WMF metafiles. Aspose.Words 24.3 also continues to expand the Charts API.

Aspose.Words 24.4 enhances saving formats, some rendering options, as well as improves work with digital signatures.

Supported Formats 24.4

The modern WebP image format is now supported in Aspose.Words for .NET Framework 4.6.2 and higher. You can now read and insert WebP images into documents, as well as save images in WebP format.

Please note that WebP is currently only available in .NET Standard and .NET Framework v4.6.2 and above.

Rendering and Printing

Stroke Color Control 24.1

The Stroke class has been extended with a set of new public properties related to managing stroke colors: ForeThemeColor and BackThemeColor, ForeTintAndShade and BackTintAndShade.

DrawingML Charts API Extension 24.2 / 24.3 / 24.4

The DrawingML Charts API continues to be expanded.

Embed Fonts Declared in @font-face Rules 24.4

Added an ability to embed fonts declared in @font-face rules into the resulting document’s font definitions has been introduced by adding a new SupportFontFaceRules property.

Work with Glow and Reflection Formatting 24.4

The ability to work with glow and reflection formatting for a drawing object has been implemented.

Loading and Saving Documents

Specify SvgSaveOptions During Rendering 24.2

The capability to specify SvgSaveOptions during rendering has been added using the ShapeRenderer.Save and OfficeMathRenderer.Save methods.

Preserve Empty Lines when Loading Markdown files 24.2

The ability to preserve empty lines when loading Markdown files has been added.

A New TIFF Reader/Writer 24.3

A new TIFF reader/writer for Aspose.Words for .NET Standard, .NET 6 and later has been developed. Aspose.Words for .NET 24.3 added support for reading TIFF images with JPEG and Old JPEG compression types, and also significantly improved the quality of read and write operations.


  • The capability to modify the text of the TextBox OLE control has been introduced by adding a new Text property to the new TextBoxControl class. 24.1
  • The Bibliography Sources public API was implemented through the adding a new namespace Aspose.Words.Bibliography with its new classes and enumerations, and through the adding a new Bibliography property to the Document class. 24.1
  • An API to limit access to type members using template syntax for the LINQ Reporting Engine has been provided. 24.1
  • New public properties Priority, UnhideWhenUsed, and SemiHidden for enhanced style management have been added to the Style class. 24.2
  • The functionality to retrieve the actual reference mark text for footnotes and endnotes has been enhanced with the ActualReferenceMark property and the UpdateActualReferenceMarks method. 24.2
  • Compatibility with Word 2016 charts for the LINQ Reporting Engine has been enabled. 24.2
  • Emulation of binary raster operations for WMF metafiles has been implemented. 24.3
  • The capability to define signature options for documents within SaveOptions has been enabled by adding a new DigitalSignatureDetails class with new public members, as well as adding new properties to the OoxmlSaveOptions, DocSaveOptions and OdtSaveOptions classes. 24.4

Aspose.Words for .NET 23.9, 23.10, 23.11, 23.12

Aspose.Words 23.9 expands rendering options, metafile rendering emulation, and markdown save options.

Aspose.Words 23.10 improves rendering, expands options for loading and saving documents, and allows users to merge documents in new ways.

Aspose.Words 23.11 enhances the work with revisions, XLSX format and fonts on chart legend with additional options.

Aspose.Words 23.12 introduces new properties and enumerations for working with PDF and OOXML documents, as well as support for WebP images.

Rendering and Printing

Customizing Axes Titles in DrawingML Charts 23.9

The capability to customize axis titles in DrawingML charts has been introduced by the implementation of a new public class ChartAxisTitle and Title property.

Determining the Vertical Position of Fonts within a Paragraph 23.9

It is now possible to define the vertical position of fonts within a paragraph using the new public BaselineAlignment property and the new BaselineAlignment enumeration.

Foreground Color Control 23.10

The ability to retrieve the foreground color without modifiers has been added to the Fill and Stroke classes via the BaseForeColor property.

Expanding the Functionality of Charts 23.10

The functionality of the ChartDataPointCollection, ChartSeries, and ChartFormat classes has been expanded with new methods and properties.

Automatically Adjust and Fit an Image into a Shape 23.10

A simple way to automatically adjust and fit an image within a particular shape has been provided through the new FitImageToShape method.

Default Font Formatting for DrawingML Chart Legend Entries 23.11

The ability to specify default font formatting for legend entries of DrawingML charts has been added via the Font property. This feature facilitates a more streamlined and consistent appearance for chart elements, improving the overall document aesthetics.

Specify Page Layout when Opening PDF in Reader 23.12

The ability to specify the page layout to be used when opening a document in a PDF reader has been added through the introduction of a new PageLayout property to the PdfSaveOptions class and the introduction of a new PdfPageLayout enumeration.

Loading and Saving Documents

Specifying a Folder Name to Construct Image URIs in Markdown 23.9

The MarkdownSaveOptions class has been expanded by including the ImagesFolderAlias property, which allows to specifies the name of the folder used to construct image URIs written into the Markdown document.

Reduce PDF Output Size 23.10

Various PDF rendering optimizations to reduce output size when utilizing OptimizeOutput settings have been implemented.

The feature to recognize hyperlinks when loading TXT documents has been implemented by adding a new DetectHyperlinks property.


  • Metafile rendering emulation to determine rasterization size has been implemented, specifically for WMF pen width and EMF cosmetic pen width. To achieve this, the ScaleWmfFontsToMetafileSize property was replaced with the EmulateRenderingToSizeOnPage property and the EmulateRenderingToSizeOnPageResolution property was added. 23.9
  • A simplified method for inserting one document into another document at the current cursor position has been introduced using the InsertDocumentInline method. 23.10
  • The ability to access and modify style properties has been added through the introduction of the new Locked property. 23.10
  • A generic type parameter has been added to the methods of the CompositeNode class. 23.10
  • A way to control when a certain revision should be accepted/rejected or not has been implemented by using the Accept and Reject methods. This enhancement grants users finer control over the revision process. 23.11
  • The ability to write all sections of a document onto the same XLSX worksheet has been provided through the new XlsxSectionMode enumeration type and the new SectionMode property. 23.11
  • A way to control how ZIP64 format extensions will be used for OOXML documents has been implemented through the new Zip64Mode property of the OoxmlSaveOptions class and the new Zip64Mode enumeration. 23.12
  • Support for WebP image has been introduced. Please note that this feature is only available for .NetStandart and .NET6+ versions. 23.12

Aspose.Words for .NET 23.5, 23.6, 23.7, 23.8

Aspose.Words 23.5 enhances the ability to work with chart series data and the ability to work with ODT documents, as well as improve headers/footers and their text wrapping.

Aspose.Words 23.6 expands rendering options, adds a new export format, improves LINQ reporting and LowCode tools.

Aspose.Words 23.7 enhances reporting capabilities, adds a new export format, and introduces changes to working with tables and digital signatures.

Aspose.Words 23.8 expands the capabilities of different formats, improves rendering, and adds new options for working with fields.

Supported Formats

  • Starting with version 23.6, it is possible to save a document in XLSX format. Now you can convert your documents to Excel format. 23.6
  • Starting with version 23.7, it is possible to save a document page or shape in EPS format. 23.7

New Format Features

  • The functionality to automatically generate Table of Contents (TOC) for MOBI documents has been introduced. 23.8
  • The PdfEncryptionDetails constructor has been expanded with PdfPermissions. 23.8
  • Shaping of vertical text for EMF metafiles has been implemented. 23.8

Rendering and Printing

Get and Modify Chart Series Data 23.5

The feature to get and modify chart series data was provided by adding:

Support for Advanced Typography 23.6

Support for Advanced Typography in WMF, EMF and EMF+ rendering has been added.

Colored Content on the Page 23.6

The public property PageInfo.Colored, indicating whether the page is colored or not, has been added.

Formatting for Chart Data Labels 23.6

The ability to set fill, stroke, and callout formatting for chart data labels has been implemented.

Mail Merge and Reporting

Dynamic HTML Insertion for LINQ Reporting Engine 23.6

A new way of dynamic HTML insertion for LINQ Reporting Engine has been added.

Mustache Tags Support 23.7

Mustache tags are now supported in the MailMerge.GetRegionsHierarchy and MailMerge.GetFieldNamesForRegion methods.

LINQ Reporting Engine Template Syntax Updates 23.7

The LINQ Reporting Engine template syntax now supports the ElementAt and ElementAtOrDefault extension methods.

Specifying the Size of Rendered Images 23.8

A new public property ImageSize for specifying the size of rendered images in pixel has been introduced.

Preserve Whitespaces for JSON String Values – LINQ 23.8

An option has been added to the LINQ Reporting Engine to preserve whitespaces for JSON string values.

LowCode 23.6

New LowCode methods intended to merge different types of documents into a single output document have been added.


  • Support for text wrapping in headers/footers has been implemented. 23.5
  • The ability to remove digital signatures from ODT documents has been added through the RemoveAllSignatures method. 23.5
  • The public property PhoneticGuide to obtain the base and ruby text of the phonetic guide Run has been added. 23.5
  • The ability to retrieve a digital signature value from a digitally signed document as a byte array has been added by introducing a new SignatureValue property. 23.7
  • The Row and Cell classes have been extended with new public members – Row.NextRow, Row.PreviousRow, Cell.NextCell, and Cell.PreviousCell. 23.7
  • Support for CITATION and BIBLIOGRAPHY fields has been added. 23.8

Aspose.Words for .NET 23.1, 23.2, 23.3, 23.4

Aspose.Words 23.1 improves the performance of raster operation emulation, as well as enhances document exporting and rendering quality.

Aspose.Words 23.2 introduces saving documents in the MOBI format, improves chart rendering, and makes notable changes to document appearance details.

Aspose.Words 23.3 enhances the documents import and saving with new properties, and also improves the quality of work with background and foreground color and radial gradient.

Aspose.Words 23.4 improves the calculation of some parameters and the positioning of the table and surrounding text.

Performance Improvements

Emulation of Raster Operations 23.1

Performance and quality of emulation of raster operations with metafiles have been significantly improved.

Supported Formats

Export to MOBI 23.2

Starting with version 23.2, it is possible to save a document in MOBI format (also called PRC, AZW – Amazon Kindle’s own e-book file format). Now you can not only load MOBI documents, but also export your files to MOBI format.


Work with Shading Theme Colors 23.1

The ability to work with shading theme colors has been implemented.

Support of R-squared Coefficient in DML Charts 23.1

Support of R-squared coefficient in DML chart trendline labels when rendering has been added.

Chart Rendering Improvements 23.2

Since 23.2 the chart rendering has been significantly improved.

Background and Foreground Color Control 23.3

The Fill class has been extended with a set of new public properties related to background and foreground colors: ForeThemeColor and BackThemeColor, ForeTintAndShade and BackTintAndShade.

Radial Gradients with the SkiaSharp Native Shader 23.3

Rendering of radial gradients with the SkiaSharp native shader for .NET Standard has been implemented.

Distance Between the Table and Surrounding Text 23.4

The ability to set the distance between the table and surrounding text has been added by introducing new properties to the Table class: DistanceLeft, DistanceRight, DistanceTop, and DistanceBottom.

Loading and Saving Documents

Generate TOC for AZW3 Documents 23.1

The ability to generate TOC (table of contents) for AZW3 documents has been added through the use of the NavigationMapLevel property.

Exporting List Items to Markdown 23.1

A way to control the export of list items to Markdown format has been provided by adding the ListExportMode property to the MarkdownSaveOptions class.

Document Saving Progress Notifications 23.3

Saving progress notifications for MOBI and AZW3 formats has been implemented.

Sentence and Word Spacing Adjustment 23.3

The ability to specify whether to adjust sentence and word spacing automatically upon document import has been added by introducing the AdjustSentenceAndWordSpacing property.


  • The ability to specify the character spacing adjustment of a document has been added through the JustificationMode property implementation 23.2
  • The way to instruct Aspose.Words whether to include textboxes, footnotes, and endnotes in word count statistics has been provided by adding the IncludeTextboxesFootnotesEndnotesInStat property 23.2
  • A new option for a document style, which allows specifying whether the style is automatically redefined based on the appropriate value, has been introduced through the AutomaticallyUpdate property 23.2
  • The ability to determine whether Run is a phonetic guide run has been added using the IsPhoneticGuide property 23.4
  • A simple way to work with series and axes of combo charts has been implemented by introducing the ChartAxisCollection class and adding the Chart.Axes property 23.4
  • New public properties connected to the shape relative positioning and sizing have been added to the Shape class 23.4
  • Accuracy and performance of color brightness calculation for automatic text color resolution has been improved in accordance with the latest versions of Microsoft Word 23.4

Aspose.Words for .NET 22.9, 22.10, 22.11, 22.12

Aspose.Words 22.9 expands options for loading and saving documents and improved interaction with some other options.

Aspose.Words 22.10 improves find and replace options, enhances OLE objects, and expands list functionality.

Aspose.Words 22.11 expands its functionality with new options for more convenient work with already familiar objects: fields, printing, OLE and structured document tags.

Aspose.Words 22.12 enhances rendering capabilities and introduces options for working with margins when loading/saving a document.

Performance Improvements 22.12

An optimization that significantly reduces the depth of graphics state nesting when rendering to PDF to maintain specification compliance has been introduced.

Rendering and Printing

Printing Non-colored Pages on a Color Printer 22.11

A custom colored/grayscale print mode has been implemented by adding a new GrayscaleAuto value to the ColorPrintMode enumeration.

A new print property allows users to control how non-colored pages are printed if the device supports color printing. This feature can be useful if users want to automatically print non-colored pages using only grayscale printing mode.

New Border Rendering Properties 22.12

New public properties ThemeColor and TintAndShade have been introduced.

Linear Trendline Formula for DrawingML Rendering 22.12

Linear trendline formula rendering for DrawingML charts has been implemented.

Font Fallback Settings for Google Noto Fonts 22.12

The predefined font fallback settings for Google Noto fonts have been updated.

Loading and Saving Documents

The ability to cache header/footer shapes to reduce the size of the output PDF file has been implemented by adding a new CacheHeaderFooterShapes property.

Automatic Numbering Detection when Loading a Document 22.9

The ability to specify the AutoNumberingDetection property upon text loading has been implemented through an extended of the TxtLoadOptions class.

Specifying a Particular Margin Type 22.12

The ability to specify a particular Margin type for the given section has been implemented.

Search and Compare 22.10

The ability to ignore StructuredDocumentTag upon find and replace options has been implemented by adding a new IgnoreStructuredDocumentTags property to the FindReplaceOptions class.


  • A new feature to get FieldEQ as an OfficeMath has been added. 22.9
  • The creation of structured document tags of Group type at the Row level was allowed. 22.9
  • OLE objects and controls are now treated as metafile images when converting a document to HTML. 22.10
  • A new feature to check that a particular list was created from the same template as the compared list has been added by introducing a new HasSameTemplate method into the List class. 22.10
  • The ability to create new structured document tags of the Citation type has been added. 22.11
  • The ability to track the field updating progress has been provided. 22.11
  • A new EmbedAttachments property that allows users to embed OLE attachments from a source document into the output PDF document has been introduced. 22.11

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