How to Run the Examples

To become more familiar with the Aspose.Words possibilities and features we provide examples that can be downloaded from our GitHub repository, run, and learn in detail.

In this article, you can find the system requirements, as well as information on how to run the examples.

Software Requirements and Prerequisites

Please make sure you have Python 3.5 or later installed on yout PC.

Download and Run the Examples

All Aspose.Words for Python .NET examples are hosted on GitHub. You can either clone the repository using your favorite GitHub client or download the ZIP file.

After getting a copy of the repository, you may find that:

  • All the examples are located in the Examples folder.
  • All the examples are unit tests.

To run the examples, open your favorite command prompt:

  • Change the directory to the dirrectory with example of interest.
  • Run the example with Python, for example:
    python .\

Contribute to Improving the Examples

If you like to add or improve an example, we encourage you to contribute to the project. All examples and showcase projects in this repository are open source and can be freely used in your applications.

You can fork the repository, edit the source code, and create a pull request to contribute. We will review the changes and include them in the repository if found helpful.