What's new in Aspose.Words for Python via .NET

This page describes the most interesting new Aspose.Words features introduced in recent releases.

Aspose.Words for Python via .NET 22.9, 22.10, 22.11

Aspose.Words 22.9 expands options for loading and saving documents and improved interaction with some other options.

Aspose.Words 22.10 improves find and replace options, enhances OLE objects, and expands list functionality.

Aspose.Words 22.11 expands its functionality with new options for more convenient work with already familiar objects: OLE and structured document tags.

Loading and Saving Documents

The ability to cache header/footer shapes to reduce the size of the output PDF file has been implemented by adding a new CacheHeaderFooterShapes property.

Automatic Numbering Detection when Loading a Document 22.9

The ability to specify the AutoNumberingDetection property upon text loading has been implemented through an extended of the TxtLoadOptions class.

Search and Compare 22.10

The ability to ignore StructuredDocumentTag upon find and replace options has been implemented by adding a new IgnoreStructuredDocumentTags property to the FindReplaceOptions class.


  • A new feature to get FieldEQ as an OfficeMath has been added. 22.9
  • The creation of structured document tags of Group type at the Row level was allowed. 22.9
  • OLE objects and controls are now treated as metafile images when converting a document to HTML. 22.10
  • A new feature to check that a particular list was created from the same template as the compared list has been added by introducing a new HasSameTemplate method into the List class. 22.10
  • The ability to create new structured document tags of the Citation type has been added. 22.11
  • A new EmbedAttachments property that allows users to embed OLE attachments from a source document into the output PDF document has been introduced. 22.11

Aspose.Words for Python via .NET 22.5, 22.6, 22.7, 22.8

Aspose.Words 22.5 introduces support for new loading formats and a new print page size, as well as improves some rendering options.

Aspose.Words 22.6 expands the possibilities of converting PDF to other formats, as well as improve work with DrawingML and solid text fill effect.

Aspose.Words 22.7 enhances the possibilities of working with rendering features, and also adds new features for working with HTML import and export to PDF.

Aspose.Words 22.8 introduces a new export format and improves various rendering algorithms.

The API is enhanced for more flexible and convenient development.

Supported Formats

  • Support for loading EPUB and XML documents has been introduced by adding new values to the LoadFormat enumeration. Starting from version 22.5, it is possible to load EPUB and XML documents into Aspose.Words document model and convert them to any supported formats. 22.5
  • Starting from version 22.8, it is possible to save a document in AZW3 format – Amazon Kindle’s proprietary e-book file format (KF8 is another name for the format). Now you can not only load AZW3 documents, but also export your files to AZW3 format, which is essentially a compiled EPUB. 22.8

Rendering and Printing

New Priting Size 22.5

Support for the “Envelope No. 10” print page size has been added by introducing a new value to the PaperSize enumeration.

Rendering MathML Formulas 22.5

The rendering of a border box around MathML formulas and font detection when rendering characters for such formulas has been improved.

DML Chart Improvements 22.6

DrawingML charts public API has been extended to support gradient, texture, and pattern fills.

Glyph Outlines Parsing for OpenType 22.7

Aspose.Words own glyph outlines parsing for OpenType (CFF) fonts has been implemented.

Previously, glyph parsing for OpenType (CFF) fonts was performed via GDI+. So now it works in cases where GDI+ is not available – Java, .NET Standard platforms, Linux OS, etc. Glyph outlines parsing is required in specific cases like WordArt, text effects, some Office Math features, and others.

Set Shape Shadow Formatting 22.7

The ability to set the shadow formatting of the shape object has been provided by adding a new shadow_format property.

Support for Cell Spacing in Tables 22.8

The layout engine is now significantly improved: a very complex cell spacing mechanism in tables has been implemented.

Font Substitution for Symbols 22.8

Font substitution for symbols has been improved.

Chart Axis Label Rotation Algorithm 22.8

The rotation algorithm of chart axis labels has been improved.

Loading and Saving documents

Load and Convert PDF to Fixed-page Format without Layout Model 22.6

The ability to load and convert PDF documents to fixed page formats with high fidelity and performance has been implemented.

New HTML Import Mode 22.7

A new HTML import mode for block-level elements has been introduced by adding a new value to the HtmlInsertOptions enumeration.

Convert to PDF/UA-1 Compliant with WCAG 2.0 22.7

Support for converting a document to PDF/UA-1 format, compliant with WCAG 2.0, has been added.

So, if the customer has an accessible Word document and converts it to PDF/UA-1 via Aspose.Words mentioning the conversion specifics, then the output will be WCAG 2.0 compatible.

WCAG or Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is a set of guidelines developed by W3C in collaboration with individuals and organizations all over the world. Now with Aspose.Words you can convert your document to the output PDF/UA-1 format, which is suitable to build WCAG 2.0 compliant PDF documents.

It is worth noting that WCAG 2.0 has two additional requirements that are not specified in the PDF/UA-1 specification:

  • contrast requirements
  • requirements for tagging multimedia content

But both requirements are not relevant to our case of converting from Word to PDF.


Exception of inheriting the solid text fill effect that mimics MS Word behavior has been implemented. 22.6

Aspose.Words for Python via .NET 22.3, 22.4

Aspose.Words 22.3 expands the possibilities of working with PDF and TXT formats and improves the work of some existing algorithms and engines.

Aspose.Words 22.4 enhances PDF capabilities – now you can save a file in PDF/A-4 format and get a number of other improvements in PDF output. At the same time, Aspose.Words 22.4 provides additional abilities to work with DML charts, read the Photoshop metadata, and import HTML block-level elements.

The API is enhanced for more flexible and convenient development.

Supported Features

Starting with Aspose.Words 22.4, support for Python 3.10 has been added.

Performance Improvements

Loading a previously saved font search cache to speed up the font cache initialization process upon rendering has been implemented. Now your solutions will work even faster.

Supported Formats

Loading a document in AZW3 format (KF8 is another name for the format) has been added. Now you can load an AZW3 document and convert it to any other supported formats.


Rendering MathML Formulas

The rendering of operators in MathML formulas has been improved.

DML Chart Improvements

The following improvements have been made to the DML charts:

  • The DML chart axis scaling algorithm has been improved to be the same as in MS Word

  • The ability to manipulate with DrawingML chart legend entries has been provided to make our chart API more and more comprehensive

  • The ability to specify the name of an xls/xlsx file the DrawingML chart is linked to has been implemented

Rendering to PDF with PDF/A-4 Compliance

Rendering into PDF with PDF/A-4 compliance has been added by adding new values to the PdfCompliance enumeration – PDF_A4. This option assumes revised conformance levels: regular PDF/A-4 conformance is equivalent to conformance level U of previous versions, and the level A conformance is removed.

Reading of Photoshop metadata resolution in JPEG

Reading of Photoshop metadata resolution in JPEG images has been implemented to fix an interesting issue with incorrect scaling of images upon rendering.

Allow Latin Text to Wrap in the Middle of a Word

Support for the “Allow Latin text to wrap in the middle of a word” feature has been implemented to make our Latin support even better upon rendering.

Loading and Saving Documents

Controlling Style Behavior When Loading a Document

A new option force_copy_styles has been introduced to control the behavior of conflicting styles upon document import.

Convert Shapes to SVG When Exporting

The ability to convert shapes to SVG images upon exporting to HTML, MHTML, or EPUB has been provided by adding the export_shapes_as_svg property.

Saving to PDF 2.0 and Improvements in PDF Output

The ability to save a document as PDF 2.0 by adding a new value to the PdfCompliance enumeration, as well as several other requested improvements to PDF output, have been introduced.

New HTML Import Mode

A new import mode for HTML block-level elements has been implemented to mimic Microsoft Word behavior.


  • The ability to get OOXML of a content control and save it to string has been introduced.
  • Recognition of non-standard footnotes in PDF documents on import has been added.
  • An ability to get custom field data that is associated with the field has been added.
  • The table comparing algorithm relying on deep analysis of Microsoft Word comparison mechanism has been improved.
  • The comments syntax in LINQ Reporting engine has been provided.