Learn Features of Conversion to PDF/A and PDF/UA

PDF is a fixed page format that is very popular among users and is widely supported by various applications, as a PDF document looks the same on any device. For this reason, converting to PDF is an important feature of Aspose.Words.

PDF is a complex format by itself, as it has a specific file structure, graphical model, font embedding, and some complex output functionality such as document structure tags, encryption, digital signatures, and editable forms. In addition, converting a document to PDF requires several calculation stages, which are complex and time-consuming.

In this section, we will consider the main problems that may arise when working with documents in various PDF standards and describe options for solving them.

Which PDF Standard Aspose.Words Supports

Aspose.Words now allows users to work with PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-4 formats, as well as PDF/UA-1:

  • PDF/A-1 has serious limitations such as transparency and some compression options are prohibited
  • PDF/A-2 eliminates some of the limitations of PDF/A-1, such as support of transparency and layer effects or embedding of OpenType fonts
  • PDF/A-4 assumes revised conformance levels: regular PDF/A-4 conformance is equivalent to previous versions' level U conformance, and the level A conformance is removed
  • PDF/UA-1 content should be tagged and standardized according to ISO 32000-1: 2008

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version of PDF intended for use in archiving and long-term storage of electronic documents. At the same time, PDF/UA is another ISO standardized version of PDF designed to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities who use assistive technology. To specify the level of compliance with PDF standards, use the PdfSaveOptions.compliance property. Due to storage conditions, PDF/A document must embed all fonts and disable encryption, while PDF/UA must only embed all fonts.

In this section, we will take a closer look at working with PDF/A or PDF/UA-1 documents.

Relevant ISO for PDF Standards

To learn more about the different PDF standards, check the following ISOs:

  • PDF 1.7 = ISO-32000-1: 2008
  • PDF 2.0 = ISO-32000-2: 2020
  • PDF/A-1 = ISO-19005-1: 2005
  • PDF/A-2 = ISO-19005-2: 2011
  • PDF/A-4 = ISO-19005-4: 2020
  • PDF/UA-1 = ISO-14289: 2014

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