Linking Report Template with Report Definition

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A report template does not have a description of data source connection inside. Instead, there is a link to a report definition file stored in a SharePoint document library. Report definition is an XML file, which describes things like data source connection details, queries to retrieve data, report parameters, data relationships and so on.

You should store the link to the report definition in a custom document property named Aspose.Words.SharePoint.ReportUrl. To edit this property, follow these steps for Microsoft Word 2007 (see below for the slightly different steps in Microsoft Word 2010):

  1. Open a report template in Microsoft Word.

  2. Select Prepare and Properties from the Office menu.

    1. Selecting Properties
  3. Select Advanced Properties from the Document Properties menu to open the document properties dialog.
    Selecting Advanced Properties

  4. In the document properties dialog, select the Custom tab.

  5. Select Aspose.Words.SharePoint.ReportUrl from the Properties list.
    The Properties list on the Custom tab

  6. Edit the report definition URL in the in the Value field. On changing the value, Modify button becomes enabled.

  7. Click Modify to save the changes.
    Setting the value
    If there is no Aspose.Words.SharePoint.ReportUrl property, you can add it in the same dialog by typing the name in the Name field, editing Value and then pressing Add button.
    Adding the Aspose.Words.SharePoint.ReportUrl property
    The steps to get to the document properties dialog are slightly different for Microsoft Word 2010.

  8. Select the File tab and then Advanced Properties from the Properties menu on the Info tab.
    Selecting Advanced Properties

  9. This will produce the document properties dialog. Follow the steps for Word 2007 above starting from step 4.