Generate Code 16K Barcodes in C++


Code 16K is a multiple-row barcode symbology that may contain up to 16 rows; each row has a fixed length and can include up to five characters. It has the data encoding structure similar to that of the Code128 barcode type and allows encoding the same set of characters with equal data density. Code 16K contains a checksum for an entire barcode that is calculated in two last characters; however, it does not provide a separate checksum for each row. A barcode of this symbology can encode up to 77 data characters or 154 numerical digits. At present, this barcode type is interesting mainly from the historical point of view and is rarely used in healthcare applications.

Barcode Height Settings

Aspose.BarCode for C++ allows adjusting the height of each row in a Code 16K barcode by initializing the AspectRatio property of class Code16KParameters. AspectRatio is defined as a relative coefficient to the value of the XDimension property. In the Code 16K symbology, it is recommended to set the value of AspectRatio greater than 8.

Sample Code 16K barcode labels demonstrated below have been generated with different barcode height settings.

Aspect Ratio

Is Set to 10

Is Set to 20

Quiet Zone Settings

For the Code 16K symbology, Aspose.BarCode for C++ enables adjusting the size of quiet zones on the left and right sides of a barcode by setting the QuietZoneLeftCoef and QuietZoneRightCoef properties respectively. These properties correspond to class Code16KParameters and are defined as relative coefficients to the value of the XDimension parameter.

Code 16K barcode images demonstrated below have been created using different settings of quiet zones.

Quiet Zone Coefficient

Is Set to 10

Is Set to 20