BarcodeSettings class

The main BarCode decoding parameters. Contains parameters which make influence on recognized data.

The BarcodeSettings type exposes the following members:


Name Description
checksum_validation Enable checksum validation during recognition for 1D and Postal barcodes.
Default is treated as Yes for symbologies which must contain checksum, as No where checksum only possible.
Checksum never used: Codabar, PatchCode, Pharmacode, DataLogic2of5
Checksum is possible: Code39 Standard/Extended, Standard2of5, Interleaved2of5, ItalianPost25, Matrix2of5, MSI, ItalianPost25, DeutschePostIdentcode, DeutschePostLeitcode, VIN
Checksum always used: Rest symbologies
strip_fnc Strip FNC1, FNC2, FNC3 characters from codetext. Default value is false.
detect_encoding The flag which force engine to detect codetext encoding for Unicode codesets. Default value is true.
australia_post Gets AustraliaPost decoding parameters

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