Pdf417ExtendedParameters class

Stores a MacroPdf417 metadata information of recognized barcode

The Pdf417ExtendedParameters type exposes the following members:


Name Description
is_empty Tests whether all parameters has only default values
macro_pdf_417_file_id Gets the file ID of the barcode, only available with MacroPdf417.
macro_pdf_417_segment_id Gets the segment ID of the barcode,only available with MacroPdf417.
macro_pdf_417_segments_count Gets macro pdf417 barcode segments count. Default value is -1.
macro_pdf_417_file_name Macro PDF417 file name (optional).
macro_pdf_417_file_size Macro PDF417 file size (optional).
macro_pdf_417_sender Macro PDF417 sender name (optional).
macro_pdf_417_addressee Macro PDF417 addressee name (optional).
macro_pdf_417_time_stamp Macro PDF417 time stamp (optional).
macro_pdf_417_checksum Macro PDF417 checksum (optional).
macro_pdf_417_terminator Indicates whether the segment is the last segment of a Macro PDF417 file.
is_reader_initialization Used to instruct the reader to interpret the data contained within the symbol as programming for reader initialization.
is_linked Flag that indicates that the barcode must be linked to 1D barcode.
is_code_128_emulation Flag that indicates that the MicroPdf417 barcode encoded with 908, 909, 910 or 911 Code 128 emulation codewords.

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