HIBCLICCombinedCodetext class

Class for encoding and decoding the text embedded in the HIBC LIC code which stores primary and secodary data.

The HIBCLICCombinedCodetext type exposes the following members:


Name Description
HIBCLICCombinedCodetext() Initializes a new instance of the HIBCLICCombinedCodetext class


Name Description
barcode_type Gets or sets barcode type. HIBC LIC codetext can be encoded using HIBCCode39LIC, HIBCCode128LIC, HIBCAztecLIC, HIBCDataMatrixLIC and HIBCQRLIC encode types.
Default value: HIBCCode39LIC.
primary_data Identifies primary data.
secondary_and_additional_data Identifies secondary and additional supplemental data.


Name Description
get_constructed_codetext() Constructs codetext
init_from_string(constructed_codetext) Initializes instance from constructed codetext.
get_barcode_type() Gets barcode type.

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