MailmarkCodetext class

Class for encoding and decoding the text embedded in the 4-state Royal Mailmark code.

The MailmarkCodetext type exposes the following members:


Name Description
MailmarkCodetext() Initializes a new instance of the MailmarkCodetext class


Name Description
format “0” – Null or Test
“1” – Letter
“2” – Large Letter
version_id Currently “1” – For Mailmark barcode (0 and 2 to 9 and A to Z spare for future use)
klass “0” - Null or Test
“1” - 1C (Retail)
“2” - 2C (Retail)
“3” - 3C (Retail)
“4” - Premium (RetailPublishing Mail) (for potential future use)
“5” - Deferred (Retail)
“6” - Air (Retail) (for potential future use)
“7” - Surface (Retail) (for potential future use)
“8” - Premium (Network Access)
“9” - Standard (Network Access)
supply_chain_id Maximum values are 99 for Barcode C and 999999 for Barcode L.
item_id Maximum value is 99999999.
destination_post_code_and_dps The PC and DP must comply with a PAF format.
Nine character string denoting international “XY11 " (note the 5 trailing spaces) or a pattern
of characters denoting a domestic sorting code.
A domestic sorting code consists of an outward postcode, an inward postcode, and a Delivery Point Suffix.


Name Description
get_constructed_codetext() Construct codetext from Mailmark data.
init_from_string(constructed_codetext) Initializes Mailmark data from constructed codetext.
get_barcode_type() Gets barcode type.

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