Generate ITF Barcodes


The GS1 organization has proposed the ITF 14 barcode standard as an extension of Interleaved 2-of-5. ITF 14 is intended to work with trade identifiers in the form of Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN). This symbology can be used to encode sets of 14 characters with the last one being the check digit. The ITF 6 standard serves as a special extension of ITF 14 that is used to encode such properties of trade items as weight. Generally, ITF barcodes are designed with frames of various styles with a quiet zone. Frame settings may require customization according to specific industrial requirements. Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET allows developers to modify such appearance-related properties of ITF barcodes through class ITFParameters. In this article, it is explained how to manage these properties.

Frame Settings

ITF barcodes usually are generated with frames with various styles depending on industrial specificities. Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET enables adjusting appearance-related parameters of ITF barcodes, i.e. frame styles and thickness.

Frame Style Settings

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET supports five styles for ITF barcode frames. The required frame style including the one with no frames can be enabled using the ITF14BorderType enum. The following styles are available: NONE, FRAME, BAR, BAR_OUT, and FRAME_OUT. FRAME_OUT and BAR_OUT imply displaying frames outside the barcode image itself so that the original height is not modified.

Following barcodes have been generated with different frame settings.

Frame Style No Borders (NONE) Normal Frame (FRAME) Horizontal Lines (BAR) Outside Frame (FRAME_OUT) Outside Lines (BAR_OUT)

Frame Thickness Settings

Developers can customize thickness settings for ITF barcodes according to particular industrial needs through the itf_border_Thickness property of class ITFParameters. The default settings for border thickness is equal to 12 pt.

Following ITF 14 barcodes have been created setting different border thickness values.

Border Thickness Is Set to 5 Pixels Is Set to 15 Pixels

Quiet Zone Settings

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET allows developers to modify the quiet zone size for ITF barcodes using the quiet_zone_coef property of class ITFParameters. The quiet zone is determined as a relative coefficient to the value of XDimension.

Following ITF 14 barcodes have been created with different quiet zone settings.

Quiet Zone Coefficient Is Set to 10 Is Set to 30