Generate Patch Code Barcodes


Kodak introduced the Patch Code barcode standard to improve the efficiency of automated multi-page document scanning. Patch Code barcodes are not intended to encode information. Here, barcode patterns denote various tasks to be executed. Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET allows generating six Patch Code patterns and provides two generation modes: creating barcode images for manual placement on a page or generating entire A4 or US Letter pages. Patch Code barcodes are printed out on four sides of a document page. By design, scanning only one of the sides is sufficient to perform barcode reading. This enables barcode recognition for rotated pages.

Patch Code Patterns

Aspose.BarCode for Python via .NET supports Patch Code barcode generation using six main patterns. The extended set of patterns suggested by Kodak that has not been standardized is not available. The main six patterns are: Patch I, Patch II, Patch III, Patch IV, Patch T, and Patch VI.

Following Patch Code barcodes correspond to six basic Patch Code patterns.

Patch Code Patterns Patch I Patch II Patch III Patch IV Patch T Patch VI

Patch Code Generation Modes

Two generation modes are available for Patch Code: generating barcode images or creating A4 or US Letter pages with landscape or portrait orientation. Moreover, it is possible to add an optional QR Code barcode as a supplement barcode add-on that may be useful to complete barcode scanning. Using other symbologies as add-on barcodes is not available.

Patch Code Generation Formats

To manage the generation format for Patch Code barcodes, developers can use the patch_format property of class PatchCodeParameters. This property refers to the PatchFormat enum that includes the following values:

  • PATCH_ONLY - the default mode that is used to generate basic Patch Code barcodes are generated
  • A4 - this mode is intended to create portrait-oriented A4 pages with Patch Code barcodes on borders and a QR Code barcode inside the page (optionally)
  • A4_LANDSCAPE - this mode is used to generate landscape-oriented A4 pages with Patch Code barcodes on borders and a QR Code barcode inside the page (optionally)
  • US_LETTER - this mode is used to create portrait-oriented US Letter pages with Patch Code barcodes on borders and a QR Code barcode inside the page (optionally)
  • US_LETTER_LANDSCAPE - this mode is applied to generate landscape-oriented US pages with Patch Code barcodes on borders and a QR Code inside the page (optionally)

Complementary QR Code Settings
As mentioned above, it is possible to place a complementary QR Code add-on inside a page (A4 or US Letter) with Patch Code barcodes. It can be done by passing some textual data to the extra_barcode_text property of class PatchCodeParameters and then initializing the location property of class CodeTextParameters with the NONE value (the CodeLocation enum).

Following Patch Code barcodes have been created with and without complementary QR Code add-ons.

Complementary QR Code Add-On Is Disabled Is Enabled