Choose the Platform and Other Interoperability Technology

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Although there are no special Aspose.Cells versions for other platforms, it is possible to use Aspose.Cells in many other programming languages, including (but not limited to):

Programming Language Aspose.Cells to Use Interoperability Technology
Perl Java Inline::Java
PHP Java Java Bridge
Python Java JPype
From the above table you can see that for some programming languages it is possible to use Aspose.Cells for Java. The following table can help you choose:
Scenario When to Use
Aspose.Cells for Java via Java Bridge or Inline::Java


- Available on any platform where Java is available.

- Easy to call static methods, constructors with parameters, overloaded methods and use enumerated values.



- Has less frequent releases and fewer features than Aspose.Cells for .NET.

Please note that Aspose.Cells for Java is designed for Java applications and using it in other programming languages is subjected to some technical limitations or workarounds.