Data in Non-Primitive Shape

Accessing Data of Non-Primitive Shape

Sometimes, you need to access data from a shape that is not built-in. Built-in shapes are called primitive shapes; ones that aren’t are called non-primitive. For example, you can define your own shapes using different curve connected lines.

A Non-Primitive Shape

In Aspose.Cells, non-primitive shapes are assigned the type AutoShapeType.NOT_PRIMITIVE. You can check their type using the Shape.getAutoShapeType() method.

Access the shape data using the Shape.getPaths() method. It returns all the connected paths that comprise the non-primitive shape. These paths are of the type ShapePath that holds a list of all the segments which in turn contain the points in each segment.

The following code snippet demonstrates the use of Shape.getPaths() method to access path information of non-primitive shape.

Shows an example of a non-primitive shape