Implement Cell.FormulaLocal similar to Excel VBA Range.FormulaLocal

Possible Usage Scenarios

Microsoft Excel Formulas may have different names in different locales or regions or languages. For example, SUM function is called SUMME in German. Aspose.Cells cannot work with non-English function names. In Microsoft Excel VBA, there is* *a *Range.FormulaLocal* property that returns the name of the function as per its language or region. Aspose.Cells also provides Cell.FormulaLocal property for this purpose. However, this property will only work when you will implement GlobalizationSettings.getLocalFunctionName(String standardName) method. 

Implement Cell.FormulaLocal similar to Excel VBA Range.FormulaLocal

The following sample code explains how to implement GlobalizationSettings.getLocalFunctionName(String standardName) method. The method returns the local name of the standard function. If the standard function name is SUM, it returns UserFormulaLocal_SUM. You can change the code as per your needs and return the correct local function names e.g. SUM is SUMME in German and TEXT is ТЕКСТ in Russian. Please also see the console output of the sample code given below for a reference.

Sample Code

Console Output

 Formula Local: =UserFormulaLocal_SUM(A1:A2)

Formula Local: =UserFormulaLocal_AVERAGE(B1:B2,B5)