Product Overview

Product Description

Aspose.Cells can be used with any kind of application whether Java Web Application or a Java Desktop Application. Moreover, the library can also be used with some other solutions like PHP etc. Aspose.Cells provides fully featured demos and working examples written in Java for developers to have a better understanding of the features exposed by the component.

Besides supporting common features like creating or reading native Excel files, Aspose.Cells also offers many advanced features such as saving and opening Excel files to and from streams, sending output to a client browser, importing and exporting data from a ResultSet or an Array, importing images and charts, creating images and charts through API, importing formulae from a designer spreadsheet and configuring page setup through API.

Moreover, there are also a number of unique features that the developers can only find in Aspose.Cells such as the support of CSV and SpreadsheetML formats, adding the copy of an existing worksheet (with full contents, images and charts etc.) to a file, setting gradient background for charts through API, creating comments, auto-filters and page breaks through API, setting complex formulae, supporting conditional formatting, supporting protection options introduced in Microsoft Excel XP or above, manipulating named ranges, locating APIs, supporting custom chart API and formula calculation engine etc.

Document Features

  • Open Plain or Encrypted Excel files (Excel 95, Excel97, Excel2007/2010/2013/2016/2019, Office365) from different sources
  • Open Plain Numbers files(created by Apple’s “Numbers” application) from different sources
  • Save Excel files (Excel97- Excel2007/2010/2013/2016/2019) in different formats (XLS, XLSX/XLSM, XLTX, XLTM, XLSB, CSV, SpreadsheetML, Tab Delimited/TSV, HTML etc.)
  • Convert Excel file to PDF document
  • Convert Excel spreadsheet to XPS document
  • Convert to Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
  • Read and Write OpenDocument Spreadsheet (ODS ) format
  • Modify the document properties of Excel files

Worksheet Features

Display Options

  • Hide or show a Worksheet
  • Display or hide tabs, scroll bars, gridlines & row and column headers
  • Preview page breaks
  • Set zoom level for the worksheet
  • Make selected data remain visible while scrolling using freeze panes

Worksheet Protection

  • Protect contents, objects and scenarios of a worksheet

Page Setup Options

  • Set page orientation, scaling, paper size, print quality etc.
  • Set page margins like top, left, right, bottom etc.
  • Set headers and footers
  • Set print area, print title etc.

Page Breaks

  • Insert horizontal and vertical page breaks at a specified cell

Rows & Columns Features

  • Adjust column width as required
  • Auto size the width and height of cells according to their contents
  • Insert or delete rows and columns
  • Hide or show rows and columns
  • Group or ungroup rows and columns

Data Management Features

  • Add data to desired cells at runtime
  • Import data into worksheets from different data sources
  • Retrieve data from cells according to their data types
  • Export cells data to array
  • Find or Search specific data in cells
  • Set formulae with built-in or add-in functions
  • Set array and R1C1 reference style formula
  • Add different kinds of hyperlinks
  • Create or access named ranges
  • Apply data validation and auto-filtering
  • Apply subtotals to worksheet tables

Formatting Features

  • Apply number format settings for cells
  • Format cell as a date
  • Set text alignment
  • Merge multiple cells
  • Apply different kinds of font settings for the cells
  • Apply different colors to cells, fonts, gridlines, graphic objects etc.
  • Set rich text in a single cell
  • Apply different border settings on cells
  • Apply different background patterns on cells
  • Apply format settings on a worksheet, row or column etc.
  • Apply conditional formatting on cells

Charting & Graphics Features

  • Create different kinds of charts easily
  • Customize charts by setting properties
  • Set data for charts dynamically
  • Add custom charts to worksheets
  • Add pictures to worksheets at runtime
  • Create and add comments to cells
  • Convert chart to image file
  • Convert worksheet to image file
  • Print worksheets

Advanced Features

  • Supports formula calculation using robust Formula Calculation Engine
  • Change the source data of a pivot table at runtime
  • Create and manipulate pivot tables
  • Manipulate VBA code or Macros.

Platforms Supported

  • Enterprise Web Application
  • Linux
  • Unix

Success Stories

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