Protecting Worksheet in Jython

Aspose.Cells - Protecting Worksheet

To append documents using Aspose.Cells Java for Jython. Here you can see example code.

Jython Code

 from aspose-cells import Settings

from com.aspose.cells import Workbook

from com.aspose.cells import SaveFormat

class ProtectingWorksheet:

    def __init__(self):

        dataDir = Settings.dataDir + 'WorkingWithWorksheets/ProtectingWorksheet/'

        #Instantiating a Excel object by excel file path

        excel = Workbook(dataDir + "Book1.xls")

        #Accessing the first worksheet in the Excel file

        worksheets = excel.getWorksheets()

        worksheet = worksheets.get(0)

        protection = worksheet.getProtection()

        #The following 3 methods are only for Excel 2000 and earlier formats




        #Protects the first worksheet with a password "1234"


        #Saving the modified Excel file in default format + "output.xls")

        #Print Message

        print "Sheet protected successfully."

if __name__ == '__main__':        


Download Running Code

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