DNN Database Data Exporter to Excel


Aspose .NET DNN Data Exporter to Excel Module allows users to export data directly from local or remote database tables, views and by custom query into Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Spreadsheet. This module demonstrates the powerful spreadsheet building feature provided by Aspose.Cells.

Module Features

This initial version of the module is enriched with the following cool features to make the Export process simple and easy to use

  • Allow to connect Local MS SQL Server Database
  • Allow to connect Remote MS SQL Server Database
  • Populate all Tables from connected database
  • Populate all Views from connected database
  • Allow to write Custom Query
  • Auto Fit Columns to contents length.
  • Allow to skip string more than 32k in excel cells (LoadOptions)
  • Apply Header Column formating as Bold Text
  • Allow to use as Data Source (Table, Views, Custom Query)
  • Export Data to Microsoft Excel Documents (.xls, .xlsx and .xlsb)
  • Export Data to Tab delimited text document (*.txt)
  • Export Data to CSV (Comma delimited) (*.csv)
  • Export Data to OpenDocument Spreadsheet (*.ods)
  • Option to select desired output format before exporting.
  • Exported document is automatically sent to browser for downloading.


System Requirements and Supported Platforms

System Requirements

In order to setup Aspose.Cells .NET for DNN modules you need to have the following requirements met:

  • DNN 7.0 +

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to install these modules on other versions of DNN.

Supported Platforms

Aspose.Cells .NET for DNN modules currently support

  • DNN 7.0 +

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to install these modules on other versions of DNN.


You can download Aspose .NET Cells Database Data Exporter to Excel for DNN module from one of the following locations


Once downloaded, please follow these steps to install the module into your DNN website:

  1. Log into your site as either Host or another super-user level account.
  2. Navigate to the Host menu and select Extensions.
  3. Click Install Extension Wizard.
  4. As directed browse to the location of the downloaded zip file, select it then click Open.
  5. Click Next, accept the license, continue through the install. When finished click the Return button.

Please check this module installation video from DNN for more details.


After you have installed the Aspose .NET Database Data Expoeter for DNN module, it is really simple to start using it on your website. Please follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Make sure you are logged-in to DNN with a Host or Admin level account.
  2. Navigate to the page where you want to add the Export module.
  3. Select Modules followed by Add New Module from the top ribbon.
  4. From the list, select ‘Aspose.NET DNN Data Exporter to Excel Using Aspose.Cells’ and drag it into position.


You have successfully added Aspose .NET Database Data Exporter to Excel for DNN module to your page.


  1. Enter or Use pre-populated MS SQL Server Connection String
  2. Seletec Data Source Type (Table, View, Custom Query)
  3. Select or Enter Data Source (Table, View, Custom Query)
  4. Select Export Type
  5. Click Export Data
  6. Desired file will be downloaded automatically.

Video Demo

Please check the video below to see the module in action.

Support, Extend and Contribute


From the very first days of Aspose, we knew that just giving our customers good products would not be enough. We also needed to deliver good service. We are developers ourselves and understand how frustrating it is when a technical issue or a quirk in the software stops you from doing what you need to do. We’re here to solve problems, not create them.

This is why we offer free support. Anyone who uses our product, whether they have bought them or are using an evaluation, deserves our full attention and respect.

You can log any issues or suggestions related to Aspose.Cells .NET for DNN Modules using any of the following platforms

Extend and Contribute

Aspose .NET Cells Import Users from Excel module for DNN is open source and their source code is available on the major social coding websites listed below. Developers are encouraged to download the source code and extend the functionality as per their own requirements.

Source Code

You can get the latest source code from one of the following locations

How to configure the source code

You need to have the following installed in order to open and extend the source code

  • Visual Studio 2010 or higher

Please follow these simple steps to get started

  1. Download/Clone the source code.
  2. Open Visual Studio 2010 and Choose File > Open Project
  3. Browse to the latest source code that you have downloaded and open e.g Aspose.DNN.DatabaseDataExporterToExcel.sln