Is there any limitation in the evaluation version of Aspose.Cells Grid Controls?

No, there is no limitation of features in the evaluation version of those Controls.

The evaluation version provides full features of the licensed version except that it adds an extra worksheet (containing Evaluation Copyright Warning ) to the output files.

There are so many Grid controls available in the market. Why should i buy Aspose.Cells Grid Controls?

Well, Aspose.Cells Grid Controls are very well priced to be affordable for all kinds of users. In a very reasonable price,

it provides you a suite of two controls to work on Windows & Web Applications.

Moreover, it is not just a simple Grid, it is your Spreadsheet Viewer, Editor & Creator at the same time.

You cannot only bind it with any kind of Data Source (like normal Grid controls) but also create & manage Excel files. It also provides a strong & rich Formula Calculation Engine to calculate not only built-in functions (supported by Aspose.Cells Grid Controls) but also custom formulas defined by you. There are much more features of Aspose.Cells Grid suite that can’t be covered here, please refer to Edition Types page for more detailed features list.

I’ve recently purchased my license for Aspose.Cells Grid Controls. How can i use that license in my application with Aspose.Cells Grid Control?

Please refer to the Licensing page of Aspose.Cells Grid Controls.

It provides complete details about how to use the license with Aspose.Cells Grid Controls in your applications.

How can I deploy my Aspose.Cells.GridWeb based web project/ solution on the Server?

If you need to deploy the web application having GridWeb control, you would copy the “acw_client” directory into your project folder least your web application (deployed over the server) could not find it.

You can always specify the scripting path by adding the following lines of code into the configuration section (e.g in the web.config file in your VS.NET Project). The “acw_client” is a folder that contains files and Aspose.Cells.GridWeb uses this folder to manage its internal configuration, it has scripts files, image files and other files to specify GridWeb’s behavior and set other operations. The config file is used to prevent the control from using the embedded client resources (images, scripts, etc.) which is useful in some cases / scenarios.



  <add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.acw_client_path" value="/grid/acw_client/"/>

  <add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.force_script_path" value="true"/>

  <add key="aspose.cells.gridweb.forcepath" value="true"/>


**Running Aspose.Cell.GridWeb in Internet Explorer **

Currently Aspose.Cells.GridWeb does not support Internet Explorer any more, it is too old browser. We support Chrome,Edge,Firefox,Safari,Opera