Using a Common Button to Submit Grid Data

Submitting Grid Data Using an ASP.NET Button

Aspose.Cells.GridWeb provides three built-in buttons (Submit, Save and Undo). After editing in GridWeb, a user may click the Submit or Save button in the Tab Bar to let GridWeb submit data to the server. If the user clicks a Sheet Tab, the GridWeb control performs the same task as that of the built-in command buttons. Aspose.Cells.GridWeb also supports adding this functionality to a common ASP.NET Button control, but you need to add some extra code to the application.

1. Creating a Test Application

Open your Visual Studio.NET IDE and create a new ASP.NET Web Application project. Once the application is created, a default WebForm1.aspx page will be added to your project. Drag & drop GridWeb control from your Toolbox to Web Form . If you can’t find GridWeb control in your Toolbox then refer to this page: Integrate Aspose.Cells Grid Controls with Visual Studio.NET to learn more about it.After the GridWeb control is added to your Web Form, also add a Button web control from Toolbox to your Web Form.

2. Adding Code to Page_Load Event

Now, it’s time to add some code to Page_Load event of the Web Form. You can double click on the Web Form in design view and VS.NET IDE will automatically take you to the Page_Load event handler where you would need to use Attributes collection of the Button for overriding its OnClick event.

Code Example

3. Running the Application

Now, you can compile and run your application by pressing Ctrl+F5 and page will be opened in a new browser window. Let’s add some values to GridWeb and press Submit Grid Data to Server button and you would see occurring a postback to update and validate GridWeb data.