Working with Comments

Add a Page-Level Comment in the Visio

Aspose.Diagram for Java API allows developers to add comment anywhere on a page of the Visio drawing.

Add Comment

The addComment method, exposed by the Page class, allows you to add comments to a drawing page. It takes the X and Y coordinates along with a comment string.

Microsoft Visio users add comments to the entire page that are presented by an icon in the upper-left corner of the page. Developers can add page level comments in the Visio. Aspose.Diagram for Java API additionally supports to alter the page level comment in the Visio.

Add Comment Programming Sample

Edit a Page-Level Comment in the Visio Diagram

Aspose.Diagram for Java API has support of altering the page-level comment on the Visio drawing page which are presented by an icon in the upper-left corner of the page. 

Edit Comment

The Comment property, exposed by the Annotation class, allows developers to edit comments in the Visio drawing page.

Edit Comment Programming Sample

Add a Shape-Level Comment in Visio Drawing

Aspose.Diagram for Java API allows developers to add comments to the shape in a Visio drawing.

Add Comment

An overloaded addComment method, exposed by the Page class takes a Shape class instance and text string of the comment.

Add Comment Programming Sample


 // load diagram

Diagram diagram = new Diagram("c:\\temp\\Drawing1.vsdx");

// retrieve page by name

Page page = diagram.getPages().getPage("Page-1");

// retrieve shape by ID

Shape shape = page.getShapes().getShape(12);

page.addComment(shape, "Hello");

// save diagram"c:\\temp\\Drawing1.vsdx", SaveFileFormat.VSDX);