Work with Esri Gdb file format in C#

ESRI File GeoDatabases (FileGDB)

ESRI File GeoDatabases (FileGDB) are one of the most widely used native formats among GIS Software. Aspose.GIS lets you work with the FileGDB file formats and iterate over its features.

Iterate over Layers in FileGDB File

Convert FileGDB to GeoJSON

Reading FileGDB as Layer

Open ShapeFile as Dataset

Add Layer to FileGDB Dataset

Open existing FileGDB dataset and adds new layers to it

Remove Layer from FileGDB Dataset

Open an existing FileGDB dataset and remove layers from it.

Create FileGDB Dataset

Creates a new FileGDB dataset and add layers to it.

Create FileGDB Dataset with one Layer using VectorLayer API

This example creates a FileGDB dataset with one layer using VectorLayer API.

Convert GeoJSON Layer to FileGDB Dataset Layer

Create new Layer in FileGDB and add data from GeoJSON Layer into it.

Read OBJECTID from FileGDB Dataset Layer

Specify Precision Grid for FileGDB Layer

Specify Tolerances for FileGDB Layer

Specify Names of ObjectId and Geometry Fields