Edit HTML5 Canvas Programmatically

HTML5 Canvas, which is used for rendering graphs, game graphics, art, or other visual images on the fly, is in the list of build-in formats of Aspose.HTML class library.

To render canvas as a part of HTML document, you do not need any particular manipulation, just render the document it as you usually do. The following code snippet demonstrates how to work with a document that contains HTML5 Canvas element:

Canvas Rendering Context 2D

Besides processing HTML5 Canvas as a part of an HTML document, you can work with canvas directly inside your Java code. Aspose.HTML provides ICanvasRenderingContext2D interface for these operations, which is fully based on the official standard . Following code snippet shows how to use the drawing feature of HTML5 Canvas to render a custom text filled in with the gradient brush.

To learn more about how to use HTML5 Canvas, you can read the popular public HTML Canvas Tutorial .