Image and Photo Filters

Alpha blending image filter

         Increasing awareness and, consequently, web page traffic is the goal of any website owner. One effective method to attract users is by utilizing the alpha blending image filter to apply watermarks using an overlay image. Distributing images with your brand name across the internet not only increases your recognition but also safeguards the image's quality. This blend image filter serves as both advertisement and protection against image theft.

Source image
Resulting image
Original image
Alpha blending filter with logo overlay
Alpha blending image filter with logo overlay

Example Java code: alpha blending

         However, this isn't the only reason to include the alpha blending image effect in your arsenal of image manipulation tools. Using this image filter presents an excellent opportunity to introduce creativity into your work. For instance, you can achieve transparency effects by layering images with different opacity levels, transforming an ordinary portrait into a unique collage-like creation, and much more.

Magic Wand tool

         The process of image editing resembles the work of an artist, but instead of a physical canvas and brushes, a designer's toolkit includes various functions, one of which is the Magic Wand tool. It proves invaluable when dealing with areas of similar color tints. With the Magic Wand tool, you can effortlessly highlight the tone you wish to adjust, and the tool will automatically select the desired areas.

Source image
Resulting image
Magic Wand original image
Magic Wand tool blue shape color selection
Magic Wand tool: blue shape color selection

         When editing a landscape where a vast portion of the canvas is filled with blue sky, the task may involve replacing specific tones with others. Magic Wand tool offers an option to fine-tune the degree of color tolerance. Besides its color-related capabilities, the tool excels in selecting complex masks. Smoothing the edges ensures that the final image with the object appears more natural.

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Resulting image
Magic wand original image
Magic wand tool blue sky color selection
Magic Wand tool: blue sky color selection

Example Java code: magic wand

Remove watermark image filter

         Adding watermarks to photos is a common practice in image processing. However, there are instances where the opposite, and more intricate, task becomes necessary - removing watermarks. Your images might be disfigured by the inclusion of technical data that needs to be eliminated before publication. In such cases, employing a watermark removal image filter is a highly effective solution.

         Remove watermark filter is designed to automatically remove watermarks, but for optimal usage, you must initially define the coordinates of the watermark's location. The filter offers a range of removal mode settings. You can select the algorithm to be employed for filling the watermark area and specify the maximum number of attempts. It's worth noting that increasing the number of attempts enhances the final result but demands more computational resources.

Source image
Resulting image
Image with watermark
Image after watermark removal
Watermark removal image filter example

Example Java code: remove watermark