Extract Images from PDF

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Also, a demanded task when working with PDF documents is to extract images from a PDF file. For example, you received a PDF email with a lot of great images that you would like to extract as separate files.

Aspose.PDF library allows you to extract images from PDF with еру next code snippet:

void ExtractImage()
    std::clog << __func__ << ": Start" << std::endl;
    // String for path name
    String _dataDir("C:\\Samples\\Parsing\\");

    // String for file name
    String infilename("sample-image.pdf");
    String outfilename("extracted_image.jpeg");

    // Open document
    auto document = MakeObject<Document>(_dataDir + infilename);

    // Extract a particular image
    auto xImage = document->get_Pages()->idx_get(1)->get_Resources()->get_Images()->idx_get(1);

    auto outputImage = System::IO::File::OpenWrite(_dataDir + outfilename);

    // Save output image
    xImage->Save(outputImage, System::Drawing::Imaging::ImageFormat::get_Jpeg());

    std::clog << __func__ << ": Finish" << std::endl;