Parse PDF documents C/C++

Is there a C++ library to extract text from a PDF file?

Quite a common question among C ++ users, and developers.

Aspose.PDF for C++ library - parse and extract content, resources and data in C++. Parse PDF documents with C++ by Aspose is a highly efficient and versatile PDF content and metadata parser and extractor. According to your needs, you can get the possibility to extract data from the form, to extract images, to extract text from PDF and stamps using C++.

Parsing PDF documents is a term releated to extraction variuous kind of information from PDF file. This section covers how to:

  • Extract Text from PDF. Text Parsing or Extraction is the most popular operation with ready-made PDFs. You will learn about text parsing from a whole document, a particular page, or a particular region in a page.
  • Extract Images from PDF. Image Extraction does the same for images as the operation above for text.
  • Extract Data from the Form. If you have a bunch of PDF documents with Forms, probably you need to get the data from those forms. This article will help to understand how to extract AcroForms data with Aspose.PDF for C++.
  • Extract Data from Table. Extract Tables from PDF programmatically.
  • Extract Text From Stamps using C++. If you have text in a stamp, inside your pdf, you can easily extract it from there.