Work with PDF Documents in Qt

Qt is a cross-platform application development framework that allows creating a variety of desktop, mobile, web, and embedded system applications. In this article, we will see how you can integrate our C++ PDF library to work with PDF documents in your Qt applications.

Using Aspose.PDF for C++ within Qt

In order to use Aspose.PDF for C++ in your Qt application on Windows Operating System, download the latest version of the API from the downloads section. Once the API is downloaded, you can use either of the following options to use it with Qt.

  • Using Qt Creator
  • Using Visual Studio

Here, we will demonstrate how to integrate and use Aspose.PDF for C++ within a Qt console application using Qt Creator.

Create Qt Console Application

  • Open Qt Creator and create a new Qt Console Application.


  • Select the QMake option from the Build System dropdown.


  • Select the appropriate kit and finish the wizard.

At this point, you should have a workable executing Qt Console Application that should compile without issues.

Integrate Aspose.PDF for C++ API with Qt

  • Extract the Aspose.PDF for C++ archive that you have downloaded earlier
  • Copy Aspose.Pdf.Cpp and CodePorting.Native.Cs2Cpp_vc14_20.4 folders from the extracted package of Aspose.PDF for C++ into the root of the project. Your project should like as shown in the following image.


  • In order to add paths to lib and include folders, right-click on the project in LHS panel and select Add Library.


  • Select the External Library option and browse paths to include and lib folders one by one.


  • Once done, your .pro project file will contain the following entries:


  • Build the application and you are done with the integration.

Create PDF Document in Qt

Now that Aspose.PDF for C++ has been integrated with Qt, we are ready to create a PDF document with some text and save it to disc. To do this:

  • Include the following headers in main.cpp

    #include "Aspose.PDF.Cpp/Document.h"
    #include "Aspose.PDF.Cpp/Page_.h"
    #include "Aspose.PDF.Cpp/PageCollection.h"
    #include "Aspose.PDF.Cpp/Generator/Paragraphs.h"
    #include "Aspose.PDF.Cpp/Text/TextFragment.h"
  • Insert the following code in main function to generate a PDF document and save to disc

    using namespace System;
    using namespace Aspose::Pdf;
    using namespace Aspose::Pdf::Text;
    QString text = "Hello World";
    auto doc = MakeObject<Document>();

    auto pages = doc->get_Pages();


    auto page = pages->idx_get(1);

    auto paragraps = page->get_Paragraphs();