Black and White Adjustment Layer

Working with Photoshop Black & White adjustment layer in Java

In this article we show how to work with Black & White adjustment layer in Photoshop documents using Aspose.PSD for Java that is the library for manipulation of the PSD file format.

The Black & White adjustment layer API provided by the library converts a color image to monochrome one that is grayscale image by default. Also, a tint could be used to achieve monotone effect like sepia. There is not much work to make the image look in black and white with this adjustment layer. However, there is flexible control of influence of particular color on the result image. Also, presets are supported as well that can be loaded from a file.

Convert a color image to black and white

The Black & White adjustment layer is the easiest way to convert a color image to a grayscale one. Why it so easy? Well, it is so because all properties already have default values, therefore, all you need to do to make a color image black and white is just to add Black & White adjustment layer. For example, let us take an image of a street in old town (b) and add a black and white effect to it (c).

Black & White Adjustment Layer Figure 1