Aspose.Slides for C++ - Performance Metrics and Benchmarks


Performance is often the first critical factor when choosing a component. This article measures the performance of Aspose.Slides for C++ and VSTO 2008. The simple tests are conducted across the similar operating system, hardware components, and configurations.

This article presents performance measurements for products including Aspose.Slides for C++ and VSTO 2008. Performance estimates presented here are intended to help you understand what to expect from different components in some commonly used scenarios under similar configurations on commodity hardware running widely used operating systems. Naturally, your application performance depends on your data, data access patterns, cache size, other configuration parameters, operating system and hardware etc. The benchmark aims to illustrate how the components perform under minimum hardware conditions, the faster the hardware, the faster the tasks will be processed by the components.


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Testing Methodology

All the performance tests were conducted on a common hardware and operating system combinations, without customized configuration, tuning or any other performance enhancing techniques. All tests were run with the component insta llations on the same system those were otherwise quiescent. To get accurate readings, we performed all the tasks twice / thrice at a time to better evaluate a component and to get accurate readings.

Benchmark Setup

The following table enlists the Benchmark Setup:


Performance Results

The following table enlists the performance results:


Performance Results (Excel Chart)