Hello World Application using Aspose.Slides

Steps to Create Hello World Application

In this simple application, we will create a PowerPoint presentation having Hello World text at a specified position of the slide.. Please follow the steps below to create Hello World application by using Aspose.Slides for C++ API:

  • Create an instance of Presentation class
  • Obtain the reference of the first slide in the presentation which is created on instantiation of Presentation.
  • Add an AutoShape with ShapeType as Rectangle at a specified position of the slide.
  • Add a TextFrame to the AutoShape containing Hello World as default text
  • Change the Text Color to Black as it is white by default and is not visible on the slide with white background
  • Change the Line Color of the shape to white in order to hide the shape border
  • Remove the default Fill Format of the shape
  • Finally, write the presentation to desired file format using the Presentation object

The implementation of above steps is demonstrated below in an example.