Replacing Images inside Presentation Image Collection

Replacing the Image inside a Presentation Image Collection

Aspose.Slides for C++ provides a simple API method that allows you to replace the image inside a presentation image collection this way:

  1. Load the presentation file with an image inside it using the Presentation class.
  2. Load an image from a file in a byte array.
  3. Use one of these approaches:
    • First approach: Replace the target image with the new image in the byte array.
    • Second approach: Load the image in an Image object and replace the target image with the loaded image.
    • Third approach: Replace the image with the already added image in the presentation image collection.
  4. Write the modified presentation as a PPTX file.

This sample code shows you how to replace the image in a presentation image collection:

// Instantiate the presentation
SharedPtr<Presentation> presentation = MakeObject<Presentation>(u"presentation.pptx");

// The first approach
ArrayPtr<uint8_t> data = ReadAllBytes(u"image0.jpeg");
SharedPtr<IPPImage> oldImage = presentation->get_Images()->idx_get(0);

// The second approach
SharedPtr<Image> newImage = Image::FromFile(u"image1.png");
oldImage = presentation->get_Images()->idx_get(1);

// The third approach
oldImage = presentation->get_Images()->idx_get(2);

// Save the presentation
presentation->Save(u"c:\\Presentations\\TestSmart.pptx", SaveFormat::Pptx);