Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)

PPT in Aspose.Slides for Java

Aspose.Slides for Java can read PPT files created by the software listed below.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
  • Microsoft PowerPoint XP
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2003

Similarly, PPT files created by Aspose.Slides for Java can be read by the above set of software.

Comprehensive Support for PPT

Aspose.Slides for Java provides support for almost all the features supported by the PPT document file format. It not only covers the basic and advanced features provided by different Microsoft PowerPoint versions for PPT document manipulations, but also features that are not even supported by Microsoft PowerPoint. The main advantage of using the Aspose.Slides for Java API library is the ease of use for handling such features.

In addition to the basic tasks related to creating, reading and writing PPT document files, there are several features that are provided by Aspose.Slides for Java:

A PPT file generated by Aspose.Slides for Java and opened in Microsoft PowerPoint