PPT to PPTX conversion

Features Supported in Conversion

Aspose.Slides for Java provides partial support for converting the PPT file format to PPTX. Support for conversion has just been introduced to Aspose.Slides for Java, so it has a few limitations and works best for simple presentations. The main advantage that Aspose.Slides for Java provides when converting PPT to PPTX is how easy the API is to use. To see examples of the code, read about Converting PPT to PPTX. Below, lists explain which features are supported and which are not for PPT to PPTX conversion.

Source PPT presentation


After conversion to PPTX


Supported Features

The following features are supported for conversion:

  • Converting the structure of masters, layouts and slides.
  • Converting charts.
  • Group shapes.
  • Converting autoshapes including rectangles and ellipses.
  • Shapes with custom geometry.
  • Textures and pictures fill styles for autoshapes.
  • Converting placeholders.
  • Converting lines and polylines.
  • Line and fill formats.
  • Gradient fill styles.
  • OLE frames, tables, video and audio frames, etc.
  • Animation and slideshow properties.
  • Converting text in text frames and text holders.