Aspose.Slides for .NET 22.7 Release Notes

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SLIDESNET-43166 Reggresion: PPTX to PDF issues on Ubuntu Focal Investigation
SLIDESNET-42193 Add support of 3D for Column Charts Feature
SLIDESNET-43153 Hebrew text shadow is incorrect when converting PPTX to PDF Enhancement
SLIDESNET-43301 Cannot correctly import PDF with images. Bug
SLIDESNET-43295 The gradient background is wrong exported to SVG Bug
SLIDESNET-43288 AsCell property returns null Bug
SLIDESNET-43284 NullPointerException when saving presentation after slide removal Bug
SLIDESNET-43277 Cannot import PDF file. Bug
SLIDESNET-43276 Image and text are missing when converting slide from PPT to PNG Bug
SLIDESNET-43271 Exception thrown when opening PPTX file Bug
SLIDESNET-43259 PptxReadException is thrown when loading PPTX Bug
SLIDESNET-43234 PPTX to PDF changes the values displayed on the chart Bug
SLIDESNET-43231 Getting wrong colour on certain templates when using ISlide.getThumbnail Bug
SLIDESNET-43216 Reggresion: Loading PPTX file hangs Bug
SLIDESNET-43214 Fonts are displayed in generated PDF at reduced size Bug
SLIDESNET-43210 System.Exception : Only one element can be added. Bug
SLIDESNET-43208 Presentation is corrupted after deleting a video with autoplay enabled Bug
SLIDESNET-43207 Emoji skin colour is not generated when converting PPTX to PNG Bug
SLIDESNET-43187 Replacing images throws EndOfStreamException Bug
SLIDESNET-43186 PPT to PPTX conversion changes Format Background Bug
SLIDESNET-43185 PPT to PPTX conversion changes audio and video options Bug
SLIDESNET-43181 Hyperlink is returned from “Text to display” field instead of “Address” field Bug
SLIDESNET-43149 Failure on loading a presentation file with funnel chart Bug
SLIDESNET-43138 Failed to set axis title for Histogram chart Bug
SLIDESNET-43131 Failed to set titles for axes of a Waterfall chart Bug
SLIDESNET-43057 PDF export raises “Unsupported secondary axis composition” error Bug
SLIDESNET-42894 Text shadow is appearing when converting PPT to PDF Bug <>
SLIDESNET-42889 Chart axis labels are rotated when converting PPT to PDF Bug <>
SLIDESNET-42456 Slide GetThumbnail saves Bitmap without 3D chart Bug