Getting Started – Aspose.SVG for .NET

This Getting Started chapter provides an introduction to the basics of Aspose.SVG. For users new to Aspose.SVG, this is the fastest way to learn the basic requirements and features and get started.

Benefits of using Aspose.SVG

Using Aspose.SVG for .NET in your project gives you the following benefits:

Rich set of features

Aspose.SVG for .NET is a flexible library for SVG file processing and fully compatible with its specifications. API can easily load, save and convert SVG files as well as read and traverse the elements of files through its Document Object Model (DOM). API is independent of any other software and empowers developers to work with SVG files without going into the underlying details of the format. That’s why it offers you a lot of features in many different areas:

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Aspose.SVG offers SVG Free Web Applications for converting SVG or image files, merging SVG files, Image Vectorizing, SVG sprite generating, SVG to Base64 data encoding, and text vectorizing. These online applications work on any operating system with a web browser and don’t require additional software installation. It’s a fast and easy way to efficiently and effectively solve your tasks!

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