Using Aspose.Total for Apache POI in IntelliJ IDEA

Aspose.Total Java for Apache POI

Project Aspose for Apache POI shows how different functionalities can be achieved using Aspose Java APIs in comparison with Apache POI.

The developers looking for file format libraries may need to walk through the features provided by the libraries available on the market. Mainly, two factors are considered when choosing an option:

  • Features
  • Efforts required using the library

If you are a Java developer looking to choose a file format library to process files, you may want to compare Apache POI SDK with Aspose. In this case, this project will help you to compare features and code in both libraries.

Following comparison examples are available through Aspose.Total Java for IntelliJ Plugin Aspose Example wizard:

  • Aspose.Words Java for Apache POI (HWPF + XWPF)
  • Aspose.Cells Java for Apache POI SS (HSSF + XSSF)
  • Aspose.Slides Java for Apache POI (HSLF + XSLF)

These examples can be used in a native way like creating simple Java Application and Java File.

Please follow the detailed steps for using the Aspose Example Wizard as mentioned below.

Creating Aspose.Total for Apache POI Example using Aspose Example Wizard in IntelliJ IDEA

To get Aspose.Total for Java Examples code into your project in IntelliJ IDEA.

Follow the below steps to get the Aspose for Java API examples into the IntelliJ Java project:

  1. Select New from the File menu, OR right-click the new project and select New.
  2. Click Aspose Example.


The Aspose Example dialog appears.

  1. Select the Aspose for Java API from the list. The selected Java API examples are shows in a tree format.
  2. Select the example code you want.


The selected example source code is inserted into the src folder within a newly created package in the project as shown below:


Congratulations! the newly created Aspose code example is ready to be evaluated or enhanced.