Printing a Document Programmatically or Using Dialogs

This article describes how to print a word processing document using Aspose.Words API. It also demonstrates the methods of printing a document with Settings, Print Preview, and Print progress dialogs.

Printing a Document with Settings and Print Preview Dialogs

When working with documents, it is often required to print them to a selected printer. It is helpful to utilize a print preview dialog to visually inspect how the printed document will appear and choose relevant print options.

The Aspose.Words has no built-in dialogs or forms but implements the AsposeWordsPrintDocument class overrides both java.awt.print.Printable and java.awt.print.Pageable.

The following example shows how to use these classes to print a document from Aspose.Words via the Print preview and Settings dialogs:

Printing Multiple Pages on One Sheet

Aspose.Words implements the MultipagePrintDocument class, to fine-tune the printing operation to implement your custom logic by defining the way the document will appear on the printed page. The MultipagePrintDocument class provides the ability to print several pages on one sheet of paper.

You can download an example of using the MultipagePrintDocument class from Aspose.Words GitHub.

The result of this code example is shown below: