What's new in Aspose.Words for Java

This page describes the most interesting new Aspose.Words features introduced in recent releases.

Aspose.Words for Java 21.1, 21.2, 21.3, 21.4

Aspose.Words 21.1 expands loading and saving options and improves document display capabilities.

Aspose.Words 21.2 enhances font properties, improves find and replace options, and expands possibilities when converting documents.

Aspose.Words 21.3 expands rendering and reporting options, and improves interaction with styles and child nodes of the StructuredDocumentTag.

Aspose.Words 21.4 improves rendering and conversion features, and enhances the ability to work with a ranged structured document tag.


Vertical Alignment of Table Cells

A new public option VerticalAlignment to set table style vertical alignment of cells has been added.

Manipulating Themed Properties of Font Objects

A new public API, allowing to manipulate themed properties of Font objects, has been implemented.

Setting Fill Formatting of Text

Font API has been extended with the Fill properties to set fill formatting of text. It gives an ability to change, for example, the foreground color or transparency of text fill.

Convert Any Fill to Solid

A new method Solid has been added to the Fill class for processing solid fills.

Support for Advanced Typography

Support for advanced typography when saving to image formats with GDI+ or SkiaSharp, for example, on all .NET platforms and .NET Standard, has been implemented.


Markdown Document Export

A new public property ImageSavingCallback has been added to control how images are saved upon converting to Markdown format.

HTML Document Import

A new public property IgnoreNoscriptElements has been added to ignore <noscript> HTML elements upon loading HTML.

Clean Up Unused Information from a Document

A new public property UnusedBuiltinStyles has been added to the CleanupOptions class to detect and remove built-in styles that are marked as “unused” to make the document stricter.


New extension methods Select and SelectMany have been added for the LINQ Reporting Engine.

Search and Compare

A new public property SmartParagraphBreakReplacement has been added to the FindReplaceOptions object to indicate whether a paragraph break is allowed to be replaced when there is no next sibling paragraph.