How to Use Aspose.Words Instead of Open XML SDK

When a user needs to create, modify, and manage documents programmatically, it is always important to choose the right tool that fits the particular document development needs. This article aims to help developers make the right decision by comparing Aspose.Words and Open XML SDK.

It is worth noting once again that Aspose.Words and the Open XML SDK can do similar things, but Aspose.Words' functionality is much broader and is not limited to creating only OOXML documents.

You can learn more about the requirements and further steps on this page.

Check Requirements and Prerequisites

This section lists the environment and system requirements.

Supported Operating Systems

You can find the information on supported operating systems in the “Supported Operating Systems” section of the “System Requirements” article.

Supported Frameworks

You can find the information on supported operating systems in the “Supported Frameworks, Specifications, and Implementations” section of the “System Requirements” article.

Download and Install the Latest Aspose.Words

To start the project, you need to download and install the latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET.


You can download the latest Aspose.Words at:


You can find the information on how to install Aspose.Words for .NET on the “Installation” page.

Get Started with Aspose.Words

After learning the “Installation” page and completing the required steps, you are ready to start working with Aspose.Words.

Explore the “Getting Started” section to familiarize yourself with the basic requirements and capabilities and the “Developer Guide” section to learn about various practical use cases – how to achieve a certain document appearance, how to apply a particular function, and so on.

Some simple use cases can be implemented using the free Open XML SDK, but much more complex use cases are easier and faster to implement using Aspose.Words. There are several use cases where Open XML SDK implementation is complex or requires strong file format knowledge.

Aspose.Words also provides source code examples for features missing in Open XML SDK. You can find:

Technical Support

We offer free support. Anyone who uses our product, whether they have bought it or are using an evaluation, deserves our full attention and respect.

You can log any issues or suggestions related to Aspose.Words using any of the following platforms: