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Below is the code to show Print Preview of the document.



The Aspose.Words component has no built in dialogs or forms, but implements its own version of the .NET PrintDocument class which can be passed to a PrintPreviewDialog form to print and preview a document .

Aspose.Words defines a special class called AsposeWordsPrintDocument which is a sub class of the .NET PrintDocument class . An instance of this object is passed to the PrintPreviewDialog class which defines the output to transmit to a printer.

This sample describes how to use these classes to print a document from Aspose.Words with print preview and settings dialog.

Finally, an instance of the PrintPreviewDialog is created. For this example we have implemented a derived version of the PrintPreviewDialog class called ActivePrintPreviewDialog. This custom class is used to move preview dialog on top of all other windows when it is displayed.

string FileName = "YourFileName.docx";
Document doc = new Document(FileName);
ActivePrintPreviewDialog previewDlg = new ActivePrintPreviewDialog();

// Pass the Aspose.Words print document to the Print Preview dialog.
previewDlg.Document = doc;

// Specify additional parameters of the Print Preview dialog.
previewDlg.ShowInTaskbar = true;
previewDlg.MinimizeBox = true;
previewDlg.PrintPreviewControl.Zoom = 1;
previewDlg.Document.DocumentName = "TestName.doc";
previewDlg.WindowState = FormWindowState.Maximized;

// Show the appropriately configured Print Preview dialog.

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