Using and Configuring CRM Document Generator

Create Template using word

  • Open Microsoft Word and Create the Template.
  • For Adding Dynamic fields, in Microsoft Word insert field and select Mail Merge Field.


  • To Get the field name from CRM, Open the form customization and open the field and check the details tab.


Upload Template in CRM

  • Once the template is ready upload it in CRM.
  • Navigate to Document Templates and Create New.


  • Create a name of Document and Save the record.
  • Attach the Template (Created in Microsoft word previously) in the document template.


Please make sure that the Title of the Attachment contains the extension and name as this name will be used for created documents.

Create document in CRM using template

  • Open any contact and click on “Start Dialog” from the top Ribbon.


  • Select “Aspose .NET Document Generator” and click OK.


  • The Dialog will Start.
  • From the first Screen select your Template and Click Next.


  • Press Finish on the next screen.
  • Under Notes of the Contact you would be able to see the generated document.

Use single click button to Generate Document

  • Open any contact and click on “Document Generator” from the top Ribbon.