Using and Configuring CRM Quote Generator

Create Template

  • Go to Quote Templates in CRM.
  • Create New Quote Template.
  • Enter the Name for Quote Template.
  • Enter the HTML for Quote Template by using the HTML.
  • If you want to insert Quote Field in the Template click the “Insert Merge Field” Button.
  • Choose Field from the popup and click Insert.
  • You can see the selected Field inserted as Merge Field in the Template.
  • Click Save when you are done with editing Template.

Generate Quotation from Template

  • Open Quote.
  • Click “Generate Quote” Button from Ribbon.
  • A Popup will open displaying a list of Quote Templates.
  • Select a Quote Template and its HTML is displayed under the Text Editor.
  • Please notice that all the merge fields are automatically filled with the Quote.
  • Edit the Generate Quotation HTML and click the Attach to Quote Button.
  • Note is created and attached to the Quote.
  • Open the Attachment in Microsoft Word.