Public API Changes in Aspose.3D 1.2.0

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Setup the Target and Camera in 3D File

In some file formats, light/camera supports target, which allows the light/camera always facing a specified node, this is useful in animation. Example code:


 Scene scene = new Scene();

Node cameraNode = scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode("camera", new Camera());

cameraNode.Transform.Translation = new Vector3(100, 20, 0);

cameraNode.GetEntity().Target = scene.RootNode.CreateChildNode("target");

scene.Save("d:\\camera-test.3ds", FileFormat.Discreet3DS);

Flip Coordinate System in 3D Formats

(THREEDNET-123) - Allow user to flip coordinate system in OBJ/3DS/STL. Example code:


 Scene scene = new Scene();

scene.Open(@"d:\freehand_shuttle.3ds", new Discreet3DSConfig() {  FlipCoordinateSystem = true });

scene.Save(@"d:\freehand_shuttle.obj", new ObjConfig() { EnableMaterials = false });

How to Triangulate a Mesh

Triangulate mesh is useful for game industry because the triangular is the only supported primitive that GPU hardware supports(non-triangular data are triangulated in driver-level, which is inefficient in real-time rendering). Example code:


 Scene scene = new Scene();


 scene.RootNode.Accept(delegate (Node node)


   Mesh mesh = node.GetEntity<Mesh>();

        if (mesh != null)


            //triangulate the mesh

            Mesh newMesh = PolygonModifier.Triangulate(mesh);

            //replace the old mesh

            node.Entity = mesh;


   return true;


 scene.Save(@"d:\cube-tri.fbx", FileFormat.FBX7400ASCII);