Public API Changes in Aspose.3D 1.3.0

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Namespace and class name changes

  • Namespace Aspose.ThreeD.Animations changed to Aspose.ThreeD.Animation
  • Class Aspose.ThreeD.Animations.Animation changed to Aspose.ThreeD.Animation.AnimationNode
  • Namespace Aspose.ThreeD.IO changed to Aspose.ThreeD.Formats
  • Namespace Aspose.ThreeD.Utils changed to Aspose.ThreeD.Utilities

Create Vertex by Assigning the Reference and Mapping Modes

Developers can create vertex by assigning the Reference and Mapping modes in a single line of code. Example code:


 // call overloaded CreateElement method of the Mesh object

VertexElementNormal elementNormal = mesh.CreateElement(VertexElementType.Normal, MappingMode.ControlPoint, ReferenceMode.Direct) as VertexElementNormal;

Universal 3D Saving Option is added in the FileFormat

The Universal 3D format option has been added in the FileFormat enum. Example code:


 // save scene in the Universal3D format

scene.Save("C:\\temp\\Output.fbx", FileFormat.Universal3D);

Embed Raw Content to the Texture of FBX

The Content property has added to the Texture class to embed the raw content in the texture of FBX document. Example code:


 // initialize Texture class object

Texture texture = new Texture();

// set file name

texture.FileName = "embedded-texture.png";

// set binary content

texture.Content = File.ReadAllBytes("c:\\test.png");

Decompose method is added in the Matrix4 class

It is a mathematical utility function used to decompose an affine transformation matrix.

A new constructor in Vector4 class is added to receive a Vector3 object parameter

It makes easier to construct a Vector4 based on the Vector3. The fourth value of the Vector4 presents plane w and its default value is 1.