Callback errors during export and load

Review of callback errors during export and load

It is possible that during export or loading of the drawing we may face errors related to the structure of the file (e.g. sections in the file are required now but not earlier). Some of them are critical and in such cases the exception is thrown, but we can also ignore some of them internally and notify about it using callback messages. Anyway, all these messages require attention because they may explain e.g. missing entities in export results or other effects.

Errors during export

There is RenderResult field in CadRasterizationOptions, that includes IsRenderComplete to get if there were errors during export and print information about them:

Errors during load

Some troubles with drawings may be observed earlier that the export process starts. Errors property in LoadOptions object is used to store messages about them. IgnoreErrors property is useful to decide whether it is required to throw exception on load errors or not.

Here is the example of Errors property usage: