Export CAD files to PDF-3D

Export CAD to PDF with 3D content

A PDF-3D is a PDF file that contains 3D geometry. Rotation, scaling, and detail selection are possible in 3D view using any PDF-3D viewer. It is often used for collaboration, sharing and documentation. Just like a regular Portable Document Format (PDF) file, a 3D object is present on a page in a PDF-3D file.

Aspose.CAD allows you to create PDF files with 3D content. You can convert a CAD file to PDF-3D.

Sample Code:

To convert your 3D drawing to PDF-3D, you need to execute the code from the example, while specifying the Is3DContent parameter in the PDF conversion parameters

PDF file with 3D content

An example of the appearance of a PDF file with 3D content, as well as a demonstration of rotation and scaling.

PDF-3D Changed rotate Scaling

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