Find Query Tables and List Objects related to External Data Connections

Sometimes, you need to find out Query Tables and List Objects related to some External Data Connection. Query Tables are related to External Data Connection object with Connection Id, while List Objects are related to a Query Table.

The following sample code explains how you can find Query Tables and List Objects related to External Data Connection. The code uses the sample excel file which you can download from the provided link. You can also see the output of this sample code at the bottom of this article.

Console Output

Here is the console output of the above sample code using this sample excel file.

connection: AAPL Connection

querytable hp?s=AAPL+Historical+Prices

refersto: =Sheet1!$Q$1:$W$69

connection: BOSL066360W7_SQLEXPRESS Test

querytable BOSL066360W7_SQLEXPRESS Test

Table Table_BOSL066360W7_SQLEXPRESS_Test

refersto: Sheet1!A1:B3

connection: BOSL066360W7_SQLEXPRESS Test1

querytable BOSL066360W7_SQLEXPRESS Test_1

Table Table_BOSL066360W7_SQLEXPRESS_Test_1

refersto: Sheet1!D1:E2

connection: UWTI Connection

querytable hp?s=UWTI+Historical+Prices

refersto: =Sheet1!$H$1:$N$69