How to change background in comment in Excel

How to change color in comment in Excel

When you don’t need the default background color for comments, you may want to replace it with a color you’re interested in.How do I change the background color of the Comments box in Excel?

The following code will guide you how to use Aspose.Cells to add your favorite background color to comments of your own choice.

Here we have prepared a sample file for you.This file is used to initialize the Workbook object in the code below.

Execute the above code and you will get an output file.

How to insert picture or image in comment in Excel

Microsoft Excel lets users customize the look and feel of spreadsheets to a great extent. It is even possible to add background pictures to comments.Adding a background image can be an aesthetic choice, or be used to strengthen branding.

The sample code below creates an XLSX file from scratch using Aspose.Cells API , and adds a comment with a picture background to cell A1.