Public API Changes in Aspose.Cells 8.1.1

Added Properties and Features

Added the HtmlSaveOptions.PresentationPreference Property

The HtmlSaveOptions class has exposed getter/setter for PresentationPreference property which can be used to render the results with better layout when exporting spreadsheets to HTML or MHTML. The default value is false. whereas if set to true, the Aspose.Cells API exports the worksheet contents with better presentation.

Added Support for Worksheet Scenarios

A scenario is a what-if model that includes variable input cells linked together by one or more formulas. Aspose.Cells has exposed a getter and setter for the Worksheet.Scenarios property along with the following classes to help developers create, manipulate and remove scenarios.

  1. Scenario: Represents an individual scenario.
  2. ScenarioCollection: Represents a collection of scenarios.
  3. ScenarioInputCellCollection: Represents a list of input cells for a particular scenario.
  4. ScenarioInputCell: Represents an input cell from the collection of input-cells for a particular scenario.

Change in Behavior for CellsException

With previous releases of the Aspose.Cells for Java API, when a possibly damaged spreadsheet was loaded in an instance of Workbook, the API tended to throw a generic message without mentioning where the problem could be. We have changed this behavior for 8.1.1 so that the API throws an exception with a meaningful message that points out where (which cell) and what (formula expression) causes the exception when reading the template file.