Public API Changes in Aspose.Cells 8.2.1

Added getValidation() method for Cell Class

Data validation is one of the features that spreadsheet designers use to stop users from inserting invalid values into a particular cell. With Aspose.Cells for Java 8.2.1, the API has exposed a simple mechanism that identifies if data validation has been applied on a cell. Use the getValidation method of the Cell class to acquire any applied validation. If there is no validation, the method returns null. Similarly, you may use the getValidationInCell method of ValidationCollection class to acquire the validation applied on any cell by providing its row and column indices.

Added getValidationValue() method for Cell class

In addition to determining whether validation has been applied, you can also verify if a given value satisfies the data validation rules for a particular cell. This feature is useful in scenarios when you want to verify if the value entered in the cell satisfies the data validation rules on the fly. The Aspose.Cells API has exposed the getValidationValue method for the Cell class. If the value entered in a cell does not satisfy the data validation rules, the getValidationValue method for the Cell class returns false.

Added overload toPrinter(PrinterSettings printerSettings) method for WorkbookRender class

You can use the overloaded method to render workbook to Printer via PrinterSettings.